About Keith Brabant

2010 at O'Brien's

There is only one path for me and I’m on it. I have known exactly what I am here to do since my first memories. I feel that I am very lucky in that regard. And although my future is uncertain, my direction has been laid at my feet. …. The only thing that I want to happen is for the music to get created. And that’s been happening from day one. All small pieces of “fabric” over the course of my life, that will be a “quilt”. Frank Zappa refers to this as Project/Object (each project is part of a larger object).

-Keith Brabant, 2004

Keith always found the music source


During his lifetime, Keith composed and performed a full range of original music.  In addition to solo acoustic shows, he both joined and formed many successful bands.  His earliest, with friends during their teen years, was Javiae Forhed; following which he enjoyed playing with Minus Mike.  After several semesters in a music program at OCC he left Clayton and made his way to Colorado, where he joined a band named Prometheon Monk.   Keith and some other members of this band eventually formed Solomon’s Lane, moving to Seattle, Washington and touring throughout the northwest – where they found enthusiastic audiences, many interesting adventures, and some great new friends.  Returning to Colorado, and adding some new members, they started the bands Rhythm Pig and The Kilgore Trout – both performing many of Keith’s original compositions, and along with Keith’s solo acoustic shows had a strong following.   After nearly ten years, and with much deliberation, Keith decided to return to New York, and continue with his music, while reconnecting with family, friends, and the river he loved.  With his long-time friend Dereck Kirkby, they started the band Leo Zion, drummer James Cage soon joining them, and then keyboardist Gino Cappucceti.   Keith was enjoying being back in his hometown, working hard, performing and recording his original music, performing with good friends and in solo shows alike, right up until his last night here on earth with us.   We are so glad to have his library of original music to enjoy  and to share with others.

 YouTube Videos:

Eyesight to the Blind

A nice moment in space & time

Spontaneous Collaboration

Friends from the Farm

Get Along


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In addition to his incredible talent and passion for music, Keith studied the great religions, philosophers, and historians; 
he believed every person should have the opportunity to find and follow their own passion, as he did until his life was taken. 
He knew what was important in this life - he was a true friend, mentor, and educator; someone who had a sincere interest in 
hearing what people had to say. He loved his family and friends, his dog, Aspirin, nature, hiking, biking, the beautiful 
St. Lawrence River, the amazing Canyonlands and Rocky Mountains, all of nature's wonders. We will honor Keith by continuing 
his efforts for social awareness and global citizenship, and by sharing his music with all. We will honor this remarkable 
person, Keith Brabant, and enrich our lives by looking inward to discover our own truths as he did.


Memories and Tributes:

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“Today that one deep laugh, that one beautiful smile, that one calming voice that consumes my thoughts belongs to Keith.  Only now do I search for that bubble in my heart.  I gently pull it out and set the memories free to surround me again.”

Patricia Bond Bushey